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Date Focus Preparation Notes
1/17 Introduction, Orientation, Syllabus, & Overview »Bring Books to Class Class 1
1/19 Pre-existence & Prophecy: Intro to Gospel of John
7 Signs & 7 "I Am" statements
Jesus is God among us
»Psalm 22 & Chapter 1
»Class Intro to John
»Intro to John pp. 1090-91
»Conversations with Jesus p1096
»John's Reasons... p1109
»Climax of Drama p1108
Class 2
1/24 History, Hope, & God's Salvation »Class Background Form
»Chapter 2
»Intro to Luke pp1051-52
»Luke Intro
»A Physician Looks... p1060
»Luke & Underdog p1078
»Luke the Historian p1053
»Dating by Emperors p1055
»Elizabeth & Zechariah p1053
Class 3
1/26 Key Players on the Stage »Worksheet One (Using Bible)
»Cast of Characters p1056
»The Herods p1005
Class 4
1/31 Review, Catch Up, & Test 1 »Bring Books to Class NA
2/2 Jesus' Birth & Childhood
Other Gospels & Lack of Information
»Chapters 3 & 4
»Intro to Matthew pp987-88
»Matthew Intro
»What Should a Leader... p1003
Shady Ancestors p989
»Mary, Mother of Jesus p1055
»Jesus' Childhood p1056
Class 6
2/7 Geography & Culture No Prep Class 7
2/9 The Beginning of the Gospel »Chapter 5
»Intro to Mark
»Intro to Mark pp1025-26
»Anonymous Author? p1046
»Why Come to Earth p1030
»John the Baptist p1000
»Andrew p1098
Notes from Intro
& PPT Slides
& Class 8
2/23 Review, Catch Up, & Test 2 »Bring Books to Class
»Worksheet 2 (Using Bible)
2/28 Revealing His Glory: Jesus' early Ministry
Signs & Miracles
»Chapters 6 & 7
»John 1 Names for Jesus
»Nicodemus p1094
»Bridging Differences p1095
Class 9
3/2 Galilee, Gathering Followers, & Getting In Trouble »Chapters 8-10
»Rules Without Love p1061
»New Recruits p1034
»Unpopular Profession p997
»Training the 12 p1038
»Pharisees Take Offense p1001
Class 10
3/2 Sermon on the Mount »Chapter 11
»Letting the Inside... p994
»Golden Rule p996
»Jesus & Moses Law p993
»Sermon on the Mount Text
Class 11
3/7 The Power of Parables »Chapters 8-10 Class 14
Class 14 PPT
3/9 The Power of Parables »Chapters 14-15
»Stories to Remember p1002
»Parables of Jesus p1344
Notes on Parables
3/9 Review, Catch Up, Test 3 »Bring Books to Class NA
3/21 Reception, Rejoicing, & Rejection »Chapters 12-13
»Long Distance Miracle p1097
»Actions Follow Words p997
»Miracles Aren't Enough p1000
Class 16 PowerPoint
3/23 Power over Primal Foes »Chapter 16
»Eyewitness Reports p1033
»Don't Tell p1032
Class 17 PowerPoint
3/28 Finding Real Followers »Chapters 17-18
»A Wife's Revenge p1006
»Better Bread p1098
»Too Hard to Swallow p1099
Class 18 Powerpoint
3/30 Meeting Donnie Hart at the Bus Stop
Listen to MP3
Instructions for Paper
Class Does Not Meet NA
4/4 Learning about Life, Leaven, & the Lord »Chapters 19-20
»Two Feedings p1007
»Peter Learns Humility p1037
»Peter's Highs & Lows p1008
»Seeing the Kingdom p1066
»Unforgettable Moment p1009
»Baffling Thoughts p1039
Class 20 PowerPoint
4/6 Review, Catch Up, & Test 4 »Bring Books to Class NA
4/11 Greatness, Grit, & Caring for Others »Power of Name p1068
»Chapter 21-23
»A Good Shepherd p1104
A Modern Shepherd p1105
Classes 22-23 PowerPoint
4/13 Celebrating God & Grace & Getting Right with God »Chapters 24-25
»Martha & Mary p1070
»Severe & Gentle Stories p1075
»Handling Tough Questions p1080
Classes 22-23 PowerPoint
4/18 To Jerusalem »Chapter 24-27
»Festival Time p1045
Class 24 PowerPoint
4/20 Review, Catch Up, & Take Home: Test 5 »Chapter 27-29
»Bring Books to Class
We will catch up on class content
Class 25 PowerPoint
4/25 Tale of Two Crowds Go Over Class Notes & Read the Accompanying material Class 26 Notes
4/27 Fellowship, Friendship, & Faithlessness Go Over Class Notes & Read the Accompanying material Class 27 Notes
5/2 Disaster & Deliverance Go Over Class Notes & Read the Accompanying material Class 28 Notes
5/9 Final: Noon — 2:00 pm Bring Your Take Home Test to Class at Noon. All tests must be turned in to class by 12:10! No exceptions. Take Home Final

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