Life and Teachings of Jesus

ACU Bible 101.14 — Phil Ware
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"The Life and Teachings of Jesus" is a freshman level Bible class. We will cover the basic story of Jesus' life, look at his teachings, and gain an appreciation for the impact of His life and message. In addition, we will look at each of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) to gain an appreciation of their own special way of telling the story of Jesus.

Our key text for the course will be the Bible itself. However, this class will use Zondervan's New Revised Standard Version The Student Bible because of the notes and key study helps that are provided by Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford. All students should purchase this Bible since it will be the only resource allowed during test taking. (The NIV version will also be acceptable because the study notes are basically the same.)

My goal in this class is for the students' hearts to be grabbed by the story of Jesus and drawn into a deeper fascination and relationship with Him. Several key questions will help emphasize the importance, significance, and personal nature of Jesus' life to us all:

  • Why did Jesus' life have such lasting and widespread impact on our world?
  • Why would people want to kill Him and try to stop His influence?
  • Why did Jesus come to our world in the first place?
  • What would I have done with Jesus if I had been alive in His day?
  • What does Jesus teach me about how I should treat other people?
  • What would Jesus do and say to minister to me today?
  • What is Jesus calling me to do in my life right now?
Jesus comes into our personal worlds and refuses to leave them unchanged. My prayer is that by spending this time studying the life of Jesus and acquainting yourself with His teachings that your life will never be the same.

The content found here is only for use in The Life and Teachings 101.14 class at ACU and is not for reproduction except for those taking the class. Further inquiries can be sent to Phil Ware