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In addition to our selected Bible (Zondervan's "The Student Bible" NRSV), we you may find several other tools and resources helpful for you as we study the Life and Teachings of Jesus. I am not recommending these for your purchase for our class, but you may find them helpful as you seek to understand Jesus more fully.

Video Resources
The Gospel of John
Very Beautifully Done and Powerful Presentation of the text of John's Gospel.

Matthew: The Visual Bible
This is sometimes referred to as the happy Jesus. Uses word for word the Gospel of Matthew for its script. It is a nice presentation of Matthew's story of Jesus on video.

Jesus of Nazareth
This is older and is less true to the text of the Gospels, but still a powerful presentation of the Jesus story by a very respected film producer and director.

Online Resources
Search God's Word Online Bible Resources
A full featured, multiple translation search engine that is free to use.

What Jesus Did!
Online devotionals on all four Gospels by your teacher.

Book Resources
The Jesus I Never Knew
This book by Philip Yancey is a great book for college students looking to dig deeper and confront the life and teachings of Jesus at a more personal level. Workbooks and videos are also available to lead a study of this material.
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