Life and Teachings of Jesus

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The Life and Teachings of Jesus
Bible 101.01 - Spring 2006
Abilene Christian University College of Biblical Studies

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Course Information

Meeting Time:      Tuesday/Thursday 3:00-4:20 p.m.

Meeting Place:      CBS Room 114

Credit:                 3 Hours

Teacher:              Phil Ware

Office:                 Southern Hills Church of Christ
                          3364 Buffalo Gap Road
                          Abilene, TX 79605

Office Hours:       By appointment, but available after class when scheduled.

Office Number:     692-2670 (ask for Brenda to set up appointment)

Mobile Number:    370-7882

Email: or

Course Overview

The mission of ACU is to educate for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. The additional mission of the Department of Undergraduate Bible is to provide Biblical training, spiritual formation, and a Christian worldview for every student in the university.

Purpose & Audience:
This course is designed to give freshmen level students a overview of the life and teachings of Jesus.

This is the introductory Bible course at ACU.

Course Description:
The course will review the life and teachings of Jesus by first introducing and reading the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John), then studying through the basic story of Jesus' life, surveying his teachings and reviewing his actions.

Course Goals:
As a result of this course, the students will read each of the 4 Gospels. They should gain an understanding of the flow of the life story of Jesus and a basic overview of his teachings. They should be able to integrate the teachings of Jesus into their world view see how it creates a different worldview in the lives of believers.

Competencies and Assessments

Competencies Assessments
Competency 1:
The students will read extensively and thoroughly learn the persons, actions, chronology, and content of the Gospel material and the life of Jesus.
Assessment 1:
Students will have 5 tests (including the final) to assess their knowledge of the Gospel material.
Competency 2:
The students learn the basic teaching of Jesus from the 4 Gospels as well as have a basic understanding of each Gospel's purpose and unique emphasis.
Assessment 2:
This competency will be measured by the 6 tests, 2 worksheets, and class discussions.
Competency 3:
Students will know the difference between a modern secular (Western) worldview and a worldview espoused and modeled by Jesus. In addition, they will think through how this is like or different from a modern Western church worldview.
Assessment 3:
Students will write a brief paper in response to an audio recording showing they understand Jesus' view of the world, religion, and people and how it differs from that of modern secular Westerners and modern Western churches.
Competency 4:
Students will prepare for class and be able to discuss and share what they have read and learned outside of class.
Assessment 4:
Students' participation in class discussion, attitude, class participation will be determined based on promptness, active involvement, attention given to the teacher and other students, and scores on pop-up quizzes.

Required Textbooks: Yancey's NRSV Student Bible and Wharton's Jesus: The Authorized Biography, both available in ACU Bookstore.

Course Policies

The University does not believe credit for a course should be given if a student misses more than 80% of the class meetings. This course meets 29 times; therefore, any student missing more than six class meetings will not receive credit for the class. This includes sick days. It does not include school-approved absences. Falling asleep in class will be treated as an absence.

When roll is taken, students need to be present to be counted present.

There will be five tests and a final test. In addition, there will be a 2-3 page paper dealing with Jesus' worldview based on how he dealt with people compared to a modern Western worldview of how to deal with people. The students will have two worksheets, 1 over the key people in the Gospels and 1 over the key places in the Gospel story: they will fill out these worksheets based on the information in their Study Bible. We will have "pop-up" tests each class period over the assigned outside reading for that day.

Extra Credit & Loss of Credits
Some extra credit assignments and service opportunities will be available on request. Students will be docked 50 points off final point total per offense for using phone, text messaging, internet, PSP, games, etc. during class time.

Academic Integrity
Academic and personal integrity are essential to achieving the ACU mission. Cheating on any exam or assignment will be handled as the ACU policy demands.

Grading Scale

Scheduled Tests

Five Tests: 500 points
Final Test: 100 points
Worksheets: 200 points (100 pts. each)
View Paper: 100 points
Part & Att: 50 points
PopUp Test: 50 points (Extra Points Possible)
Ttl Points: 1000 points

Grade Values

A = 999-900 points
B = 899-800 points
C = 799-700 points
D = 699-650 points
F = 649-000 points

For online information, see

Special Note
The following course outline may be changed to meet the needs of the class or in case of unexpected events during the course of the semester.

Class Schedule

Date Focus
1/17 Introduction, Orientation, Syllabus, & Overview
1/19 Pre-existence & Prophecy: Intro to Gospel of John
1/24 History, Hope, & God's Salvation
1/26 Key Players on the Stage
1/31 Review, Catch Up, & Test 1
2/2 Jesus' Birth & Childhood — Other Gospels & Lack of Information
2/7 Geography & Culture
2/9 The Beginning of the Gospel
2/14 Revealing His Glory: Jesus' early Ministry
Signs & Miracles
2/16 Review, Catch Up, & Test 2
2/21 Galilee, Gathering Followers, & Getting In Trouble
2/23 Sermon on the Mount
2/28 Reception, Rejoicing, & Rejection
3/2 The Power of Parables
3/7 Review, Catch Up, Test 3
3/9 Power over Primal Foes
3/21 Finding Real Followers
3/23 Learning about Life, Leaven, & the Lord
3/28 Greatness, Grace, & Grit
3/30 Review, Catch Up, & Test 4
4/4 Caring for Others
4/6 Celebrating God & Grace
4/11 Get Right with God
4/13 Donnie Hart Paper (Class Does Not Meet)
4/18 To Jerusalem
4/20 Review, Catch Up, & Test 5
4/25 The Great Parade
4/27 Conflict & Conversation
5/2 Abandoned & Attacked
5/4 Empty Tomb & Exalted Lord
5/9 Final: Noon - 2:00 pm
The content found here is only for use in The Life and Teachings 101 class at ACU and is not for reproduction except for those taking the class. Further inquiries can be sent to Phil Ware